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  • CAT® 312EL Hydraulic Excavator

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    <strong>Operating weight 33,000 LBS or 15,000 KG</strong> <strong>Available Attachments:</strong> <ul> <li>Buckets</li> <li>Swivel Ditching Bucket</li> <li>Hydraulic Breakers; Socomec DMS 850 1500ft lb. class</li> <li>c/w Auto greaser can be set up for underwater breaking</li> <li>Hydraulic bucket/thumb combo 36” wide bucket 26” wide thumb</li> <li>PSM 360° Rotating Grapple for demolition & Rock wall work</li> <li>Compactor</li> <li>Rotary Cutting head (Concrete & Rock Grinder)</li> </ul>
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