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  • CAT® 320DLRR Reduced Radius Excavator

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    <strong>Operating weight 55,000 LBS or 25,000 KG</strong> <strong>Available Attachments:</strong> <ul> <li>Swivel bucket</li> <li>Hydraulic Breaker Socomec MDO 1700 5000ft lb. class</li> <li>c/w Auto greaser, can be set up for underwater kit</li> <li>PSM 360° Hydraulic Rotating Grapple</li> <li>PSM 360° Hydraulic Rotating Clamshell Bucket</li> <li>Hydraulic Bucket/thumb combo 42” wide bucket, 36” wide thumb</li> <li>VTN MT15 360° Rotating concrete demolition concrete nibbler</li> <li>Trevi Benne MK15 Hydraulic Pulverizer</li> <li>Trevi Benne CS30RS Shear second member (Second member mount was built for working in Low Headroom Buildings)</li> <li>6ft Stick Extension for reach or more depth</li> <li>VTN (Dangle Bracket) rotating Clam Shell Bucket</li> </ul>
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